6 Best Family Activity Ideas For 2023 Christmas

6 Best Family Activity Ideas For 2023 Christmas

1. Christmas Dinner

When the whole family is together, a family Christmas dinner is a must-follow tradition. Though you can either prepare a feast at home or go out to the restaurant, but the fun and love shared at a Christmas dinner cannot be experienced at a restaurant. NEVER go out for Christmas dinner, if you wish your family to have a memorable Christmas rather the one they would like to forget. Christmas Eve is the best day to have your family Christmas dinner. Don’t forget the family pic at the dining table.

2. Ring the Kin

Christmas brings the family together, but it there may be some member who couldn’t make it to the family Christmas celebrations. Make sure to give them a ring and wish them. “Merry Christmas! Wish you could also join in… You are missed by everyone here… “Makes them feel good that they are remembered and missed too. Surely drop a call to wish a distant relative whom you haven’t talked to in ages. A feel of family near you adds a special feeling to the holiday season.

3. Treasure Hunt

Every year we simply present the Christmas gift to our family and friends, but 2012 Christmas must be different. Do gift them their present, but with just a clue where they can find the real Christmas gift. Let the treasure hunt for the gift go on, adding a special fun to the gift-giving. Also, it showcases the efforts and dedication you put in to plan a nice Christmas gift for the person. This can even be a part of the Christmas games you can play with your family and friends.

4. Movie Time

Christmas is the best time to spend some quality time with family and friends and what best way to enjoy the holiday season than watch Christmas movies together. Christmas movies are a very important part of any household Christmas activity. Go an extra mile to find time to pick all-time favorite Christmas movie DVDs and plan multiple movie nights with your kiths and kins. You can plan a sans popcorn movie watching session but surely can include cookies and candies and hot chocolates or coffee to enjoy your Christmas movie better during the chilly winter nights.

5. Donate Time for Charity

Gifting has become synonymous to Christmas. It is not necessary to gift tangible gifts to make someone’s holiday season special. You can take time off your busy schedule and spend some quality time with a local charity institution helping them in whatsoever way to serve the underprivileged or even donating old clothes and toys. The real sense of Christmas celebrated with the time donated.

6. Bake Cookies or Cakes

A significant part of the Christmas celebration is to make cookies and cakes. This can be done as a collective task with each person assigned a particular job. The cookie/cake sessions give time to bond with your family and friends creating savoring delicacies for Christmas and simultaneously adding sweetness in your relationships too.

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