Learn The Secret Method To Making Sure You Get The Christmas Toys Your Kids Want

christmas toys secret

I’m going to share a Christmas toys secret that will make sure your kids see you as the “coolest mom or dad” on the block this upcoming Christmas!

This is best explained with a story of what happened to me last Christmas. The bitter disappointment I had faced, and how you can avoid the same…and make sure you get your kids and loved ones, the gifts and toys “Santa” should be bringing down the chimney.

Read through this lens and you’ll save yourself heartache and put a smile on your kids faces that strectches ear to ear and make this Christmas a truly special one 🙂

What Happened Last Christmas 

My kids wanted the Nintendo Wii and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers pack for Christmas. As Christmas day kept creeping up on us, my wife told me to not wait around and get the shopping done. Being a typical man (bah humbug!)…I felt I had plenty of time, till I read a news article which stated there was a mad rush for these toys and people were having a hard time buying them.

Finally getting the kick in the pants I needed, I rushed over to the trusty Amazon (where I buy most of our Christmas gifts), only to be shown the sign that makes every parents heart sink – ” out of stock”!

“Egad”! What do I do now?

I frantically started searching every possible online store and website I could find in the desperate hopes of being able to find some in stock. Alas, “out of stock” or “sold out” were all I was hit with.

I then went to Ebay, and was more than prepared to pay inflated prices from those profit hungry ebay resellers…but to my utter dismay EVERY place was sold out!

What was I to do?

With just 6 days to go, I stumbled upon a life saving or I should “Christmas saving” solution. I think I originally found it on a forum somewhere.

Before I tell you what this secret website does and how to use etc, let me briefly tell you what actually happens with virtually all popular Christmas gifts, whether they be toys or any other items that’s hot in the holiday season.

When a fresh batch of the sought after item comes into stock at Amazon, the ebay resellers and other savvy people have automated ways of rapidly buying all the stock….just so they can then put huge mark ups on the in demand items and sell to us for big profits.

The average person has zero chance of being able to get their hands on the item with the “fast swoopers” roaming around like vultures to snag the products faster than you can say “Santa Clause”!

Well here’s the great news for you!

The solution I will provide you with WILL beat them at their own game. The end result?

You will get to buy the items you want at Amazon.com the “second” it is in stock, AND, you will thereby pay the regular retail price and not get screwed by having to pay 3 times the price!

First of all, the great news is it’s a free service.

So how does it work? I’ll show you in the section below…

How To Get The Christmas Toys You Want At Retail Price By Jumping The Queue 

bauble balls hang on christmas tree

In order for you to get your hands on the toys and gifts you want this holiday season, you MUST understand how to jump the queue so to speak at Amazon.com (this method only works for Amazon.com).

Getting on a “wish list” or even some email and text services that act as notifiers when something comes in stock will not be quick enough for the very in demand items.

So how do you jump right in front of the line instantly when it comes in stock?

Stealth Technology!

You better have some smokin’ fast robot to do the hard work for you….if you want to beat the thousands of other parents just like you who are after the same thing. But in this case only the fittest survive…or I should say the fastest survive!

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