Development of medical science in treatment of several spinal disorders

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Medical science has been evolved greatly in past few decades. These developments though are not limited to only medial tools or instruments but also have its expansion in uncountable discoveries in medical breakthroughs, care and cure of various diseases which were a serious matter of concern in past. These achievements of medical science can easily be found in any recognized medical journals. Medical researchers and practitioners believe that every affected part of body, from head to toe, can be diagnosed and cured. Especially the spinal disorders, which were a very serious type of disease before, have become treatment friendly and every aspect of this disease can be treated with medical science.

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Dealing with lumbar decompression

Lumber decompression is a type of surgery used to treat compressed nerves in the lower spine or lumbar spine which aims to relief from symptoms like persistent pain and numbness in the legs or lower back portion caused due to pressure on the nerves in the spine. This lumber decompression treatment also used to treat several other issues like any spinal injuries or in case of slipped disc and sciatica or even narrowing of spinal columns which puts pressure on the nerve inside. But the main fact is that this surgery is only recommended when the non-surgical treatments (such as physiotherapies) are not being helpful.

Process of the treatment

The lumber decompression treatment in India is becoming very popular in doctors as it is poving a high chance of success in alleviating lower back pain and/or leg pain. Generally two modes of operations are there associated with this surgery technique and they are microdisectomy and laminectomy but there is always a minimum chance of having post operative discomfort which can be treated though. In the process of microdisectomy, a relatively small incision in the lower back is done and the portion of the herniation that is in contact with the nerve root is pulled out with the goal to relieve symptoms of severe pressure on the nerve root. The lumber laminectomy, on the other hand, is the most common treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis symptoms and in this process the bone in the back of vertibra is removed at one or more segments. The goal in here is to alleviate pressure on the on the spinal cord or nerves. Sometimes in addition to this one, a spine fusion surgery is necessary in order to achieve adequate decompression in the nerve root.

Factors to consider

Like every other surgical procedures, lumbar decompression surgery carries some factors which might affect the patient. And those include infection at the place of incision, development of blood clot particularly in the legs, damage in the covers of spinal cord and nerves resulting in the leakage of the CSF (cerebro spinal fluid) which can be cured though under proper observation of the doctors.


Thus it can be said that, In the matter of lumbar decompression treatment cost India is one of the most affordable place in the world with vast experience and high success rates.

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