How Do You Prepare Your Toddler for the Kindergarten


Many parents say that the first day of kindergarten is the most stressful moments in the entire childhood.

This is even more difficult when it comes to their firstborn child.

When parents are under stress, children often don’t accept this change well.

That’s why both parents and child(ren) need to prepare for the kindergarten.

In the next few paragraphs, you’ll what you can do to help your toddler get ready for that moment.

Plan the right time ahead


The matter of parental leave differs from country to country.

In some countries, both parents can take some time off work to be with their baby.

In others, only mothers can take family leave.

Depending on the country you live in, parents need to plan the kindergarten time ahead.

For instance, if a mother can take a year off work, parents need to find the right place before the end of this period.

You should start visiting different kindergartens at least two months before that time comes.

That way, you’ll be able to weigh all the pros and cons of the institutions that you visit.

On the other hand, if you don’t dedicate enough time to this quest, you’ll create unnecessary tension.

As a result, neither you nor your kid will have enough time to get accustomed to that kindergarten.

Also, your toddler can start going to kindergarten before you start working. That way, you’ll have more maneuver room to encourage him or her during the first few weeks.

Insist on the structure

Every institution has different rules. Even though little children might not understand too many things, they can recognize the structure.

Therefore, it’s important to insist on the structure in your toddler’s life from an early age.

Of course, it’s not easy to organize their days strictly when they are only a few months old. Still, you can put them to bed at the same time. That’s the first step towards some structure.

As they start eating solid food, try to arrange three daily meals and two snacks. In other words, give your toddler the diet structure of an adult person.

That way, parents and their kids will eventually start having meals together. While this might not seem important, you’ll see the results of this effort when the kid starts going to the kindergarten.

Kids that have regular meals in their own chair are more likely to accept the eating routine in the kindergarten.

Also, encourage your toddler to use a spoon and start eating independently. You can already start with this practice before your child’s first birthday. Let your kid play with a plastic spoon and other cutlery until you see that he or she is ready for the next big step.

Mind the physiological needs

If you need to return to work after a one-year parental leave, your toddler will probably still wear diapers.

Some kids are ready to start using a potty before they reach the age of one. Others don’t feel comfortable even when they turn three.

What’s important is to follow your toddler’s physiological development and behave accordingly.

By the time they start going to kindergarten, you’ll already know what they prefer.

Now, it’s crucial to work with nannies in the kindergarten to make ensure proper care.

So, make sure to talk with the personnel of the kindergarten you choose about their policy.

Some kindergarten childcarers try to squeeze in all the kids in the same templates. This is something parent shouldn’t allow. While there need to be some general rules, every toddler deserves individual care and attention in the kindergarten.

This is even more important for smaller kids and toddlers who still use diapers.

Leave your toddler with family members

It’s a big change for toddlers to suddenly start spending time with nannies in kindergarten.

This moment becomes even more dramatic if your kid spent the first year of their life only with you.

So, it’s useful to leave your kid from time to time with other family members.

For starters, both partners need to be included in upbringing from day one. This will teach your kid that you’re not the only person in the world who cares for him or her.

The more time your partner can spend with your baby, the better for the kindergarten period.

Apart from that, it would be useful to include grandparents in the entire procedure. For instance, they can look after the kid for a day or two every week before kindergarten time comes.

And if the grandparents live far away from you, think about additional help. For instance, the experts from a UK governess agency suggest that you work with a nanny or a child carer for a few hours a week. That way, your toddler will get used to spending time with people who aren’t his or her parents. Such a move could be a great pre-adaptation, before the real kindergarten time.

Finally, you can rely on some friends who already have children and let your kid stay with them.

All these actions might help you show your kid that they can have some great time with other people, as well.


Every big change in the life of a toddler is sometimes even bigger for parents.

The moment your toddler starts going to the kindergarten is the first rite of passage in his or her life.

That’s why you need to do your homework and help your child accept this new space and people.

By letting him or her stay with your family members or professional carers, you’ll help him or her understand those new things.

And if you plan everything ahead and talk to the nannies in advance, you’ll ensure that your kid spends the kindergarten period in safe hands.

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