Searching For Good Himachal Tour Packages? Here Are Some Places and Activities To Look For

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Everyone wishes to visit the heavenly valleys and tour the mountains of the Himachal Pradesh. They are known for their mesmerizing landscape and pleasing cold weather. Maybe, this year you are free and have begun planning a trip to Himachal. You must have even started looking for the best Himachal tour packages. But there is a chance that you might be confused about the places to visit and things to do. The good thing is that there is a lot to explore in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh and you may need another trip to fully explore this place. 

The most popular tourist places

Shimla and Manali are the obvious choices. They are two of the most popular hill stations in the world and every year thousands of people from outside India visit the cities to beat the heat. The number of Indians traveling just cannot be determined. 

The Bilaspur district is another famous tourist spot in the state. The Bhakra Nangal dam is the main attraction here. Those looking for a good hike or trek can enjoy the attractive region with endless mountain ranges and deep valleys. 

Dalhousie and McLeodganj are two of the best pilgrimage sites in India. Dalhousie, especially, is famous for its peaceful monasteries and resorts. Tibetan museum, Buddhist monasteries and of course the Dal Lake are the highlights of McLeodganj. A Himachal tour is incomplete without a visit to these two cities. 

Himachal Pradesh stores a lot of surprises for travelers and thrill-seekers. It is a memory that you will cherish. Just carefully search for good Himachal tour packages that provide the option of traveling to these 4 amazing sites. 

Things to do in Himachal

The possibilities for seeking thrill and excitement are endless in the state. There are several adventure sports and activities that you and your family can wallow in. 

  • Paragliding at Bir Billing:

Have you ever wished that you can fly? Then this adventure sport is made for you. You can live your dream and fly across the scenic landscape of villages, hills, and valleys in the small village of Bir Billing. 

  • River Rafting in Kullu- Manali:

The thrill-seekers and brave hearts can enjoy the exciting experience of river rafting on the Beas river. The trip usually begins from the town of Pirdi and ends after a distance of 14 km at Jhiri. 

  • Camping at Mashobra:

When one talks about Himachal Pradesh, the first thing that comes to mind is the snow-covered hills and mountains. You can enjoy the majestic mountains and shivering cold while camping, sipping your hot tea or coffee sitting beside a bonfire at Mashobra. 

  • Heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba and Rohtang Pass:

Hanuman Tibba is the highest peak of the Dhauladhar range while Rohtang Pass is the coldest place covered with thick blankets of snow. They both have the perfect terrain for heli-skiing and you can enjoy an awe-inspiring view and spine chilling thrill simultaneously in Manali. 

If you are still looking for the best Himachal tour packages then your confusion might get lesser with these places and activities. Just pack your bags, charge your camera and you are in for an experience of a lifetime.

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